10708692_10154758558215414_3678991523893576938_oI like just about anything outside, and my preferred activity is “5.fun” rambly-scrambly alpine climbing that takes me to the top of a beautiful place. In the summer I mostly multipitch sport and trad climb, and in the winter I mostly backcountry ski and ice climb.I also like building stuff!

I’ve spent alot of my time organizing trips and introducing people to the world of outdoor adventure sports, and am always on the hunt for gear that is high quality, multi purpose, and affordable. The best gear is the gear you use time and time again.


Q: Where are you from?

A: Saskatchewan, one of the flattest places on earth! That probably explains my obsession with mountain climbing…

Q: Where do you live?

A: Calgary, Alberta. It’s an awesome city, and the Ghost, Kananaskis, and the Bow Valley are within reasonable driving distance.

Q: Day Job?

A: A normal type office job, so I’m the definition of a weekend warrior.

Q: When did you first start climbing/skiing/etc?

A: I got seriously into rock climbing in 2008, and ice climbing in 2013. I’ve been snowboarding since I was a wee lad, and backcountry skiing since 2009.

Q: Top 3 Favourite pieces of clothing?

A: My 8 year old MEC Slipstream hoodie, the Prana Zion pants, and the Arc’teryx Venta MX Jacket. Some variation of those get worn on 99% of my trips.

Q: Top 3 Favourite Pieces of Climbing Gear?

A: Cassin X-Dream ice tool, DMM offset nuts, Sterling Hollow Block Hitch Sling

Q: Top 3 Tips?

  1. Never underestimate a grade if the route was established in the 70’s. Those climbers were badass!
  2. Learn how to tie a clove hitch into a biner with one hand.
  3. A tiny tarp, a headlamp, and an extra granola bar are worth their weight in gold!