I’ve been part of the team here at The Alpine Start since 2014 and mainly focus on rock, alpine climbing and ski related reviews.  Instead of having a standard Bio here we thought it would be fun to do a Q and A session:

Q: Where were you born?

A: In Cranbrook, BC.  It’s a small mountain town in the southeast part of the province.

Q: Where do you live now?

A: I moved out to Squamish, on the west coast of BC a few years ago.  It has amazing climbing and skiing just out the door, even a little ice climbing in the winter if you know where to look.

Q: Day Job: 

A: While I still work a little bit as an engineer I mainly guide skiing and climbing.

Q: When did you first started climbing?

A: I started rock climbing on a trip to Thailand about 10 years ago, it was my traveling companions idea but I was hooked. 

Q: What’s your favorite climb:

A: That’s a tough one!  While I really enjoyed a trip up the NE Buttress of Mt. Slesse last summer a trip I did to Mt. St. Elias a few years ago really stands out, we had a great crew and had a lot of fun!

Q: What’s your favorite piece of clothing?

A: Now that would have to be the Adidas Terrex Agravic Primaloft Jacket, I got a sample to test and ended up wearing it everywhere to the point where the zippers wore out.  It was just a great piece for everything from dinner out to a shivering bivi.

Q: Favorite piece of gear?

A: Another tough one… can I say lots?  Well if I had to pick just one piece of gear it would have to be my Suuntu Core altimeter watch, that thing goes everywhere with me in the mountains. 

Q: Do you have an interesting adventure story?

A: Interesting and a little embarrassing actually… On one of my first climbing trips I went to Red Rocks.  I was told that Cat in the Hat was a great climb to start on to get familiarized with the place. So, a friend and I went to climb it.  We brought nothing in the way of extra gear as we expected to only take a couple of hours but we ended up spending the night!  It turns out that we were in the wrong area and climbed a crack system that was not an established climb but were too stubborn to just turn back.  In the end we got our rope stuck as it got dark out and so shivered in our shorts and t-shirts while staring at the lights of the Vegas Strip until dawn… I did end up climbing Cat in the Hat the next day and it really is a great climb btw.

Q: Top three tips?

A: 1: Bring a lightweight headlamp.  2: If you’re wondering whether you should retire that old rope the answer is yes. 3: Get after it, there’s no time like the present and you only live once!