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The Alpine Start was conceived as a way of expanding my on-again, off-again blog, which was sometimes about climbing, and sometimes about nothing much at all. Having something more ‘official’ would also force me to actually write and update the content more often than ‘once in a while.’

This site is dedicated to the ice, alpine and mixed climber looking for information on clothing and climbing gear, route beta for selected climbs in the Canadian Rockies, as well as various tips and tidbits found on the web.

As such, I welcome you to The Alpine Start. Explore, and enjoy!

Review Methodology

Each item reviewed on this site is something that I  personally take into and use in the mountains. Stuff that doesn’t work for me doesn’t make it onto this site, and this includes gear that is given to me for review.

First Impression: these are kind of like a preview of items I’m really excited about, but haven’t had enough time to thoroughly review yet.

Field Tested: something I’ve used for weeks, preferably in varying conditions, and generally an item that is in my gear closet to stay.

Long Term: generally these items have seen at least a year of use, across all seasons if possible, and have managed to hold up well to the abuse that the Rockies can dish out.

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