How To: Four Usable Ice Clippers

Black Diamond’s revised-for-2013 Aspect and Lotus harnesses are as close to perfect as I’ve come across, so far. The only feature they are lacking is four properly positioned ice clipper slots. Here’s my how-to guide to attach two ice clippers to the back of the harness, utilizing the massive stash loop for strength and integrity.

What you’ll need:

1x 2012/13 Black Diamond Aspect or Lotus harness

2x Petzl Ice Clippers

2x 50cm length of 9/16” stretch cord


Figure 1. Tie one end of the stretchy cord to the ice clipper, through the handy hole at the top.


Figure 2. Clip the ice clipper through the stash loop. I don’t trust the cord to stay tied, or be strong enough to support any amount of weight, which is why I put the ice clipper through the stash loop. In case you are wondering, this stash loop will hold at least 160lb / 72kg — to test, I hung myself from the loop!



Figure 3 & 4. Wrap the cord around the back of the harness, through the ice clipper, around the gear loop, harness waistbelt, etc. until you are satisfied it won’t shift and move around.


Figure 5. Tie off the end using a series of half hitches.


Figure 6. Repeat for second ice clipper.

5 thoughts on “How To: Four Usable Ice Clippers

  1. Chris Gosling says:

    Looks good, thanks for posting this. Have you seen Mammut’s Togir Slide harness? Another good options with 4 ice clipper slots. Cheers!

  2. Brad says:

    Just curious as to why you’re using the stretch cord if the stash loop holds up to 160lbs?

      • Brad says:

        Perhaps the Black Diamond Clipper would be better suited for the stash loop as it comes with a rubber bungee cord to attach it to the harness.

        • Raf says:

          May very well be! Why don’t you try it and let us know?

          I prefer the Petzl Ice Clippers, and have about a dozen kicking around the garage, so I used them.

          I also considered attaching large-size metal paddling biners, as well, but figured that would be overkill!

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