The OR Experience

Outdoor Retailer isn’t just about all the shiny new gear. There are literally tens of thousands of people in attendance, and most share the same interests. So stimulating conversation is never far! Plus, this is the only trade show I’ve ever been to where 4:30 is beer o’clock, with the taps freely flowing at numerous booths all over the floor.

OR_Randoms-1Buckwheat pancake breakfast with fresh fruit and maple syrup, courtesy of Vasque. Just one of many breakfast stands!

OR_Randoms-24:30 might be beer o’clock, but anytime is Maker’s time (this image was taken at 2:15pm).

OR_Randoms-3Some new American friends introduced me to a game called “whisky slap.” At it’s essence: take a shot of whisky, get slapped, pass it on.

OR_Randoms-4Costumed polar-bear dance party over at the Osprey booth.

OR_Randoms-5Beers and a DJ over at Arc’Teryx!

OR_Randoms-6The North Face booth-tent is HUGE.

OR_Randoms-7See that Scarpa sign way in the back? It’s about a 3-min walk down the isle… the trade show floor is big.

OR_Randoms-8I love that there is a badge category for dogs!

OR_Randoms-9Manduka had live yoga displays by the main entrance.

OR_Randoms-10The show is exhausting. Everybody’s gotta take a break sometime!

OR_Randoms-11The main hall is to the right, this is the main hallway, with more booths to the left.

OR_Randoms-12The shot-ski in action at the Innate Gear booth.

OR_Randoms-13Andy Lewis (yes, Skandy) playing whisky slap with Libby.

OR_Randoms-14The Arc’Teryx ski-strap / whisky-shoe holder.


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