Field Tested: Adidas Terrex Softshell Jacket Review

I’m not sure when exactly Adidas Outdoor arrived on the scene. But whenever they appeared, for the past few years the company’s been busy sponsoring some amazing athletes, and making some great apparel to clothe them in.

The Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift Softshell Jacket (ya, bit of a mouthful) is your basic stretch-woven softshell jacket (as the name implies…). It’s got two hand pockets, a chest pocket, and a single inside drop pocket, keeping things nice and simple. The material – something called Climaproof Rain – is very stretchy, mostly wind resistant and will even stave off a light shower. This is one of my favourite jackets for mild-temp use as the breathability is outstanding thanks to a lighter, stretchier fabric on the underside of the sleeves and the side of the torso. All fairly standard stuff, then.

TheAlpineStart_Adidas_Terrex_Softshell_Review-2Really long cut with good butt-coverage. 

What is truly standout is the fit and patterning, which is absolutely spot-on. The long sleeves and hem appear to have been designed by someone that actually climbs. The whole jacket is low-bulk, without extra material through the sleeves and torso and is what I would actually call an “athletic” cut. A long hem in the back and the very, very long sleeves keep the jacket tucked underneath a harness, helped by the incredible stretchiness of the fabric. I’ve said it before in the Outdoor Retailer show reports, but Adidas really does have some of the best fitting apparel I’ve tried.

TheAlpineStart_Adidas_Terrex_Softshell_Review-3The sleeves are w-a-y- long. Awesome!

Another remarkable aspect of the Swift is its price: $120. That’s full retail. Even more amazing? I haven’t seen it not on sale at the Adidas website, going for an incredible $72. Worth every penny, I think.

Anything I don’t like? My usual complaint with hand pockets, as these end up under a harness or backpack straps. I’d prefer to see two large chest pockets and nothing on the torso.

Otherwise I really can’t think of anything. The Terrex Swift Softshell Jacket is a solid soft shell with great fit and performance, and you just can’t argue with the price.

Pros: fit, performance
Cons: pocket position
Overall: A bargain of a jacket with excellent fit and great performance.

All images in this article by John Price Photography.

2 thoughts on “Field Tested: Adidas Terrex Softshell Jacket Review

  1. John says:

    Yes! I have the even bigger mouthful Terrex Hybrid Soft Shell Jacket – Windstopper and while it’s a much higher list price/less of a bargain, the body-mapped fabrics and the patterning/cutting make it a delight to wear. Given that Adidas owns Salomon (iirc), does the Salomon gear fit as beautifully in your experience? In mine, it does not.

    • Raf says:

      Salomon is revamping their alpine line-up, and in my experience those pieces do indeed fit well. Sorry for the slow reply!

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