OR Winter 2016: Footwear

Undoubtedly, the star of the show was Arc’teryx’s forthcoming Procline “Ski Alpinism” boot. Arc’teryx are quick to point out it’s not a ski-boot-that-climbs but a climbing-boot-that-skis and has been developed alongside the Acrux AR boot. Luckily, I am sample size so get to try these on. In one word: wow. They feel amazing, and remarkably they feel as much a climbing boot when unbuckled as they do a ski boot when locked down. Flip the buckles and straps open and they walk like a slightly stiffer single-gaitered boot (such as the Scarpa Phantom Guide or LS Batura2). The sole is noticeably stiff, but the upper is completely free-moving and unrestrictive (unlike any other ski boot I’ve ever used). They also edge and front-point very well, the heel staying locked down and fully supported (as much as you can try front-pointing at the trade show…).

My initial impression of these is want want want. They’ll be phenomenal for those climbs you have to ski into, or anywhere you want a light, nimble boot for the approach but a capable boot for the ski down. They really are quite remarkable. But anyway, on to the details!

Arcteryx_ProCline_Boot-1The fore-foot is low-profile, and the buckle and any attachment points tucked high up on the boot so it doesn’t snag when climbing.

Arcteryx_ProCline_Boot-2There’s the usual upper buckle, and power strap across the top.

Arcteryx_ProCline_Boot-4The Gore-Tex liner extends all the way to the cuff, and the zipper is waterproof, meaning this is one ski boot you don’t need to worry about getting the liner wet.


Arcteryx_ProCline_Boot-8The sole looks properly aggressive for ski-less use.

Arcteryx_ProCline_Boot-11There will be two liner options — a “lite liner” aimed at better walkability and lower weight, and a “support liner” with a reinforced tongue and collar for better downhill performance. (Support on the left, Lite on the right.)


The ProCline boots really are fantastic. The Carbon version will retail for $1000 US, the ‘regular’ version will be $750 US. There is no weight difference with the carbon version, the main benefit being better downhill performance thanks to its stiffer cuff.

There were a bunch of other new ski boots from the usual suspects, but as I don’t really ski, I didn’t pay them too much attention. Expect the usual: stiffer, lighter, newer colours, etc.

This being the winter show (i.e. products seen here will be out in Fall 2016) there’s not a lot more happening in footwear, but I did find a few more interesting items.

Scarpa_Vapor_Women-1This is the Women’s version of the Scarpa Vapor Lace, basically a slightly stiffer version of the Vapor V.

Scarpa_Instinct-1Scarpa’s Instinct family gains a new member, the Instinct. It will be the stiffest of the Instinct shoes (alongside the S ‘slipper’ and the VS ‘velcro slipper’).

Icebug_Convertible_Shoes-1Icebug (a Swedish studded-shoe brand) have this cool hybrid/removable spike system. It is seamlessly integrated into the sole, and slips off easily…

Icebug_Convertible_Shoes-2I love this as I don’t need studded shoes all the time, but it sure is nice to feel secure on packed snow and ice when it is slippery.

Adidas_Terrex_Trailmaker_GTX_shoe-1Adidas continue expanding their Continental-rubber soled shoe lineup, with this Gore-Tex lined Terrex Trailmaker trail runner. I currently use a pair of Adidas’ trail running shoes (with the Continental rubber sole) as my main pair of trail / winter / approach shoes and the grip is beyond any other rubber compound I’ve used.

…and unfortunately that’s it for shoes at Winter OR. Stay tuned for more posts covering Packs, Apparel & Gloves, Hardware and Miscellaneous bits.

6 thoughts on “OR Winter 2016: Footwear

    • Raf says:

      I was under the impressions it’s discontinued… but in any case, yes, a brand new design based on the other Instinct shoes.

  1. Devin says:

    When are you guys going to test out the new Scarpa Phantom Tech – Eagerly awaiting your review! Love the blog, keep it up!

    • Raf says:

      As soon as I can get my hands on a pair! Widescale availability not expected until the end of February or so… trying to get my hands on an early sample 🙂

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