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The Golden Nut Award is presented to gear that has proven itself — both in design and construction — in the only test that really matters: regular, real-world use in all kinds of conditions over years, or even decades. It is gear that performs over the long haul.

Whether measured in years, miles or vertical feet, you can be certain that we only give the Golden Nut Award to gear that we have spent a lot of time with.  These are the products that you form a close relationship with. It’s the gear you trust. It’s not the latest and greatest. It’s not what is new and sexy.  It is something that’s almost impossible to improve upon.  These products go unchanged year after year — and for good reason.

This is the kit that you hope is still available when you have finally worn out the one you got ten-plus years ago. It is the kind of gear that with enough forethought, and money, you might just stock up on in advance, or later on wish that you had.

An item that has won the Golden Nut Award might not be the newest and flashiest product. But you can be certain that it is still one of the best pieces of kit available, anywhere, for any price.

Check back soon for our inaugural recipient!

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    • Raf says:

      Thanks Justin! The inaugural award will be announced within the next few days – stay tuned!

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