Review: Beeline iPhone Case

The Beeline case approaches the problem of dropping your phone from a slightly different perspective: instead of providing protection when you drop your phone, it tries to prevent your phone from hitting the ground using a built-in lanyard. (Though impact protection is built into the case, as well.)

Beeline cases inventor Brent Williams says he came up with the idea after dropping his phone from a chair lift. Sure, a waterproof and impact-absorbent case will protect your phone, but that won’t help much when you can’t even find your phone!

The case uses what Beeline calls ‘The Stinger’ to securely attach the case to pack straps, belt loops, whatever. The Stinger is comprised of a low-profile carabiner attached to a 75-cm long,  non-fraying Kevlar cord. The cord loops around a ratcheting gear housed inside the case. The retraction button releases the gear, which reels in the deployed cord. The whole system works flawlessly, and is quite robust. I tested it to failure and  the cord finally slipped off the gear under 16kgs of load — that’s a solid yank!


The case itself is well-built with a protective rubber liner and a tough, hardshell backing. The sides of the case grip the phone well enough that even hard, repeated drops don’t dislodge it. The outer edges of the case are also raised high enough to keep the screen off of whatever surface you set it down upon (as long as it’s flat, that is). The whole outside is finished in a matte, non-slip surface.


There are the usual ports for camera, mic, speakers, etc. and cut-out buttons for working the sound and sleep buttons.

The only downside for the Beeline Case I can think of is the thickness — due to the space taken up by The Stinger mechanism, the case is significantly thicker than any other phone case I’ve had. Not generally an issue in outdoor use when all my jackets have large, spacious pockets, but it isn’t ideal for everyday use with jeans, etc.


At $60 USD, the Beeline case fits somewhere into the mid-range of iPhone cases but provides a unique retention system that I haven’t come across anywhere else. As of this April 2016, the Beeline case is available for iPhones only: 5, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+.

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