The Essentials: GSI Outdoors Fairshare II

The Fairshare has been a staple of back-country enthusiasts for over a decade. The reason: It works!  It’s the perfect size to dupe an unsuspecting cook into giving you an extra scoop, it’s easy to clean and multi-functional.  That being said, the original FairShare isn’t without its flaws.  The hard plastic handle makes the mug awkward to pack and anything put into it cooled very quickly.

Field testing.

GSI, inspired by what so many people were doing with their creation, decided it was time for an upgrade.  The result of this redesign is the new FairShare Mug II!   The improvements include: Supplying an insulating sleeve to keep food warm, replacing the solid plastic handle with a soft handle and changing the plastic from CoPolyester to Polypropylene.  One other change is the inclusion of a small carabiner clip-in point for attaching it to packs.  A worthy upgrade if you’re in the market.

I’ve posted the complete review on the Black Sheep site if you wanted more information.


2 thoughts on “The Essentials: GSI Outdoors Fairshare II

  1. Aaron says:

    Those are all good improvements but… Another problem with the original is the kid never fully sealed and liquids could not be trusted. I always wished I coukd use it as a second water bottle. Is this one better?

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