Field Tested: Metolius Rope Tarp

I have long thought that the axiom K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) should be applied to more climbing gear: there is a preponderance of over-designed gear that has many more features than necessary. There are far too many rope tarps that try to function not just as rope tarps but also as rope buckets, backpacks, sling bags, gym bags, or any other type of bag that attempts to perform more duties than just keeping my ropes out of the dirt.

So the stupidly simple Metolius Rope Tarp is a breath of fresh air in a world of over-complicated and unnecessarily heavy bags. A simple oval-sized tarp of about 130x150cm, the Rope Tarp has a large ‘pocket’ on one end, two grab / rope-end loops and a simple daisy chain closure system.

It’s large enough to fit a 100m rope if you’re so inclined, and easily rolls up even when stuffed with two 70m doubles. The two grab handles are differently coloured (one red, one black) to easily identify which end of the rope is which, and clipped together with the daisy chain closure system make the tarp easy to transport between cragging areas.

Or, if you’re feeling lazy, you can just drag it from route to route: this is my go-to method and I’ve yet to put any holes into the Rope Tarp.

Weighing all of 270g the Rope Tarp adds hardly any weight to your cragging pack, or at least not enough that I worry about it in a day-climbing application anyway.

And at all of $20 it’s barely 1/4 of the price of some of the pricier rope bags out there — you can actually afford to have one of these per rope (if, like me, you have several ropes of various lengths for different crags, etc.).

Finally a simple, no-frills, rope-tarp for those of us that like to keep things simple. Superb.

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